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Assi Red Pepper Powder - 16 oz

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Assi Red Pepper Powder

For over 30 years, Assi’s flagship brand Rhee has been producing top-tier Korean food products for the market. This includes the vibrant and smokey Assi Red Pepper Gochugaru Powder. In keeping with the refined style of their brand, all their products are made using traditional Korean techniques to bring out the best flavors of Korean chili peppers. Make sure to only use gochugaru when making well-loved Korean dishes like kimchi and spicy stews because your regular chili flakes simply won’t cut it. For an exciting fusion dish, you can also use it as a spicy rib rub for a distinct smokiness that’s hard to come by.

  • Made from red peppers and salt
  • Perfect for making kimchi, spicy stews, spicy marinades, and more
  • Product of Assi
  • Contains 16oz. of Korean red pepper flakes or gochugaru