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Bullhead Barbecue Sauce 8.5 Oz

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Craving for some hot pot? Make sure to have Bullhead Barbeque Hot Pot Sauce in stock in your pantry for days when you need some hearty and flavorful soup to lift your spirits. Made from ground peanuts, dried fish, dried shrimp, chili garlic, and Asian spices, bring the flavors of your soups, barbeque, or marinades up a notch by adding just one or two tablespoons of this sauce. It has low carbs and sugar making sure that your hot pot remains as healthy as possible. This 8.5oz. variant is perfect for those one-time cravings or spontaneous moments in the kitchen where sudden soup cravings can easily be satiated. 

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  • Made from ground peanuts, dried fish, dried shrimp, chili garlic, and Asian spices

  • Perfect for Chinese hotpot, barbeque satay, or chicken marinade

  • Product of Taiwan

  • Contains 8.5oz. of barbeque sauce


Where to buy Bullhead Barbecue Sauce?

Karman Foods has Bullhead Barbecue Sauce for sale, along with other Chinese hotpot essentials, like chili oil, glass noodles, shabu-shabu sauces, and more.  If you prefer having your groceries delivered, Karman Foods is the best store to buy Bullhead Barbecue Sauce. Here, you can enjoy free returns and free no-contact delivery on orders over $69.99.

How to buy Bullhead Barbecue Sauce online?

When buying seasoning sauces and other Chinese groceries from Karman Foods, select the quantity of your order and click Add to Cart. You may add a delivery note to your order before clicking Checkout. Fill in your delivery and payment details. Then, sit back and wait for your deliveries to arrive at your doorstep!

Where can I find the cheapest Bullhead Barbecue Sauce?

You can purchase Bullhead Barbecue Sauce at its best price and combine it with other Asian groceries sold in bulk here at Karman Foods, so you can stock up and save money.