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Calbee Frugra Original, 17 Oz

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Start your day with a hearty breakfast minus the hard work of waking up too early to cook. Calbee Frugra Original is a delicious and healthy granola mix that’s a perfect breakfast meal. With a name that combines "fruit" and "granola", this snack is made from five grains and various fruits to give you a daily dose of vitamins and fiber. In just one minute, you can enjoy a filling bowl of Frugra—perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. You can add milk or yogurt to your breakfast bowl and top it with fresh fruits. Its crispy crunchy texture perfectly complements the smoothness of milk. You can even eat it as it is or enjoy it as a dessert by mixing it with ice cream. Whichever way you decide to eat it, every spoonful of Calbee Frugra is sure to be a tasty bite.

  • Mixed granola made with oats, brown rice, and other grains
  • Contains eight types of vitamins, fiber, and iron
  • Allergen information: tree nuts
  • Product of Japan, from the Brand Calbee
  • Contains 17oz. of mixed granola per pack