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Calbee Seaweed and Potato Chips - 7.05 oz.

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Calbee Seaweed and Potato Chips

Calbee’s Seaweed and Potato Chips is the perfect addition to your favorite Asian snacks! Unlike your regular store-bought chips, these crispy goodies from Calbee offer the right amount of saltiness and a unique seaweed taste that you won’t usually find in your regular store-bought chips. It’s packed with everything you love about fun and unique Asian snacks! Share it with friends and family during movie nights or enjoy a whole mega bag to yourselves at any time of the day; we won’t judge. 

  • Irresistible seaweed and salt flavored potato chips
  • Uses a unique blend of spices
  • Product of Korea from the brand Calbee
  • Comes in a large mega pack containing 7.05oz. of potato chips