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Chung Jung One Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce & Marinade for Spicy Pork - 29.63oz

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Chung Jung One Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce & Marinade

Chung Jung One’s Korean Pork Bulgogi Sauce is made from top-quality red pepper paste, fruit puree, rice wine, spirits, and soy sauce-- all of which make for an explosion of fiery and tangy flavors with every bite. Marinate your pork for 1 to 8 hours to bring out the best taste. Add in some mushrooms, scallions, white onions, and garlic for the complete barbeque experience. Of course, barbeque is best shared with friends and family which makes this 29.63oz bottle perfect for big gatherings over great food. With 0g of trans-fat, you won’t have to worry about adding a lot.

  • Fruity and fiery marinade that’s perfect for pork bulgogi
  • Made from naturally-brewed soy sauce and fruit puree that includes apples, pineapples, pears, and kiwi
  • Contains 0g trans-fat
  • Comes in a 29.63oz bottle