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Chung Jung One Korean Hot Mustard Paste 95G

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Chung Jung One Korean Hot Mustard Paste

Ever met someone who stashes their own condiments in their bags? When you've got a taste of Chung Jung One Korean Hot Mustard Paste, there's a big chance you'll be one of them! A little goes a long way with this Korean-style mustard because it packs a pungent kick of wasabi-like flavors with the classic tangy taste of mustard. Enjoy it like Korean locals do by pairing it with naengmyeon or cold Noodles, chilled jellyfish salad, hotdogs, and more! 

  • Korean-style mustard made with mustard powder, rice powder, corn oil, and other quality ingredients
  • Ideal sauce for cold Noodles, chilled salads, spring rolls, hotdogs, and more
  • Product of Korea from the brand Chung Jung One
  • Comes in a convenient plastic tube packaging 
  • Contains 95g of Korean-style mustard per tube