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Chung Jung One Bidan Red Pepper Powder - 1.1 lbs

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Chung Jung One Bidan Red Pepper Powder

Want to make your own kimchi? Chung Jung One’s Bidan Red Pepper Powder comes from 100% Korean sun-dried peppers sourced from Sunchang, Korea-- a town popular for perfecting the art of fermenting chili peppers. Produced under clean waters and moderate temperatures, this gochugaru is clean and ready to eat. The vibrant red color of the chili powder gives this product the name “bidan” which refers to the silkiness of the ground peppers. Enjoy consistent heat and rich flavors from every pack of this gochugaru and make delicious batches of kimchi that will constantly fuel your appetite for more Korean food!

  • Made from 100% Korean sun-dried peppers from Sunchang, Korea
  • Perfect for making kimchi, meat marinades, soups, stews, barbeque, and more
  • Clean and ready-to-eat, produced under optimal conditions
  • Contains 1.1lbs of gochugaru