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Chung Jung One Soybean Paste - Extra Large Size 2.8 Kg. / 6.6lb Tub

$ 13.49

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Chung Jung One Sunchang Soybean Paste Extra Large Tub

Chung-Jung-One Sunchang soybean paste has a rich flavor with a clean finish. Chung Jung One claims that high quality soybeans are selected through 9 different evaluations and washed cleanly. Chung-Jung-One Sunchang Soybean is naturally fermented and unpasteurized. Soybean paste ("Doenjang") is one of the most essential Korean seasoning ingredients along with red chili paste ("Gochujang"). It is different in taste from Japanese miso. So Korean soybean paste must be used for authentic Korean cooking. Soybean paste is usually used as the main seasoning ingredient for soup, stew and "Ssamjang" (dipping sauce for lettuce wrap), but also can be used to season blanched vegetables such as spinach.

  • Made with good quality soybeans
  • Great for light soups and dipping sauce 
  • No preservatives 
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Economy size