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Chung Jung One Sunchang Extra Spicy Hot Pepper Paste - Gochujang 500 Gram

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Chung Jung One has something made especially for the daredevils. The Sunchang Extreme Spicy Hot Pepper Paste will have you reaching out for more water and feeling refreshed with every meal. Transform your regular Korean barbeque, bibimbap, Noodles, rice cakes into mouth-watering dishes that will surely make you feel the heat.  Expect the spiciest flavors and an unforgettable bite with this product from Korea’s famous town of Sunchang where fermented pastes are made to perfection. 

  • Level 4 out of 5 extra spicy gochujang for an elevated dining experience
  • Made with top-quality ingredients under optimal conditions in Sunchang, South Korea
  • Perfect for Korean barbeque, bibimbap, Noodles, rice cakes, and more fusion dishes
  • Contains 1.1lbs of extra spicy gochujang