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Chung Jung One Hot Pepper Paste - Gochujang 500 Gram Mild Spiciness

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Chung Jung One Sunchang Mild Spice Hot Pepper Paste

There’s nothing wrong with wanting just a mild kick of gojuchang. The Chung Jung One Sunchang Mild Spice Gojuchang comprises the same top-quality ingredients and is made under the optimal weather conditions in Sunchang, just with a light spiciness. Now there’s no excuse for anyone not to taste the unique flavors of gochujang. Pair it with Korean dishes like bibimbap, kimchi, spicy beef stew, or with fusion dishes like hot ribs, spicy chicken wings, and more! This option is perfect for those who want a daily dose of gochujang in their meals without overwhelming their tastebuds. 

  • Mild spice gochujang option
  • Made from high-quality ingredients and optimal conditions in Sunchang, Korea
  • Perfect for soups, meat marinades, kimchi, chicken wing flavoring, and more
  • Contains 1.1lbs of gochujang