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Chung Jung One Soy Sauce - 500ml

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Chung Jung One Wheat Free Soy Sauce

Size: 500 ML

Korean cuisine is known to have strong and umami-filled soups and stews. Have one of the secret ingredients for making the best Korean soups with Chung Jung One Korean-Style Guk-Ganjang Soy Sauce. Guk-ganjang or soup soy sauce is unlike any other traditional soy sauce. As the by-product of the pungent doenjang or Korean fermented soybean paste, it's lighter in color yet much richer in flavor. This makes it an ideal flavoring sauce for big batches of Korean soups, hence the name soup soy sauce! 

  • Strong and savory Korean-style soup soy sauce made from whole soybeans, salt, and water
  • Ideal for flavoring Korean soups and stews
  • Product of Korea from the brand Chung Jung One
  • Contains 500ml of soup soy sauce per bottle