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Chung Jung One Spicy Cocktail Sauce - Chojang

$ 7.99 $ 8.99

 Sometimes, all you need is a dash of spice to make any meal great. The Chung Jung One Spicy Cocktail Sauce is a hot pepper paste with added vinegar. The vinegar brings a tangy flavor into the mix to balance out the heat. Compared to your regular gochujang that comes in a tub, this Spicy Cocktail Sauce comes in a squeeze bottle that makes it easier for you to add some spice to your salads, pizza, hamburgers, ribs, wings, and more! On top of this, Chung Jung One’s products are made in Sunchang, South Korea where clear waters and optimal temperatures bring out the best in every ingredient they use. Treat your tastebuds to a spicy ride with this hot sauce!

  • Sweet, spicy, and tangy red pepper sauce with added vinegar
  • Comes in a convenient squeeze bottle design
  • Multipurpose hot sauce great for cooking or as a dipping sauce
  • Contains 300g of gochujang