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Prince Of Peace Dong Quai and Red Date Herbal Tea - 10 Bags

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Prince Of Peace Dong Quai and Red Date Herbal Tea

Prince of Peace makes it possible for you to have an instant Dong Quai drink with its Dong Quai and Red Dates Herbal Tea! Dong Quai has been a highly treasured Oriental herb for thousands of years. It is referred to as "female ginseng" which has numerous health benefits including healthy blood circulation, especially for women who have just given birth, menopause, or premenstrual syndrome. On the other hand, red dates elevate the flavor of this herbal tea with its natural sweetness. Each bag is extracted from 30 grams of raw Dong Quai and Red Dates making this a nutritious and delicious refreshment. Plus, it's caffeine-free!

  • Instant tea made from Dong Quai and Red Dates extract, Cane Sugar, Glucose and Honey  
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation especially for women
  • Caffeine-free
  • Formulated by Prince of Peace, the pioneer of Oriental herbal teas in the US
  • Contains 10 sachets of instant herbal tea per box