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Dragonfly Thai Brown Rice, 5-Pound

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Make every meal a healthy one with Dragonfly Thai Brown Rice. Compared to the usual white rice found in every Asian household, brown rice has less sugar. This is good for people who have diabetes or those who want a healthier rice option. Once cooked, it has a rough and coarse texture and tastes less sweet than white rice. It goes with any vegetable and meat dishes and is also a great partner for soups. The next time you make fried rice with toppings, you can try using brown rice. You can even make congee out of this, too. Add some mushroom and cabbage for a healthy and wholesome meal. 

  • A healthier alternative to white rice
  • 100 calories per serving
  • Product of Thailand, from the brand Dragonfly
  • Contains 5 lbs of brown rice