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Dragonfly WonTon Instant Soup Mix 8 Oz

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Cantonese-style wonton soup takes a little while to prepare especially when you want to achieve restaurant-quality chicken stock flavors. Dragonfly Wonton Instant Soup Mix is made from artificial chicken flavor powder, soy sauce, scallion powder, and other premium ingredients that make this a convenient yet flavorful soup-base for your wonton cravings! All you need is a pot of boiling water, 2 teaspoons of this wonton soup mix, dumpling wontons, and vegetables to make 2 hearty bowls of delicious wonton soup. One tub yields 45 servings so this one will be on your kitchen shelves for long. 

  • Flavorful Wonton Soup Mix made from chicken, scallion, pepper, and garlic powders
  • Just add water, dumplings, and vegetables
  • Contains 8oz. of soup mix that yields 45 servings