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Dynasty Hot Chili Oil - 5.25 oz.

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Dynasty Hot Chili Oil

Spice up your stir-fried dishes, dumpling rice bowls, and hotpot soups with the Dynasty Hot Chili Oil! Each bottle comes with a heaping of hot chili pepper flakes swimming in a rich and flavorful blend of sesame, garlic, soybean, and ginger . If you’re a spicy food lover, there’s no need to order take out or head to your local Chinese restaurant to enjoy hot and garlicky dishes. Prepare Chinese-restaurant quality food with this special Chinese-style seasoning and condiment from the comfort of your homes!

  • Spicy Chinese-style chili oil seasoning and condiment made from red chili peppers, sesame oil, garlic oil, soybean oil, and ginger
  • Ideal for stir-fries, dumplings, rice bowls, soups, and more 
  • Contains 5.5oz. of chili oil per bottle