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Foojoy Wuyi Mtn. Oolong (Wu Long) Tea 100 Tea Bags, 7 Ounce

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Grown from the Wuyi Mountains, where the mists, clouds, and unique s make for an excellent quality of tea, it is also where Foojoy Wuyi Mountain Oolong Tea got its name. The tea leaves are hand-plucked, partially oxidized, and skillfully fired to achieve a golden brown hue. At the end of all the processes the tea leaves undergo, you now have a bold and lingering taste, and an inviting aroma in every cup. When you're feeling a bit cold or under the weather, you can drink it hot by steeping a tea bag in your cup for 3-5 minutes. On a hot summer day, you can prepare to drink it cold by brewing the tea at double strength and steeping for 5 minutes. You may opt to add your sweetener of choice and add some ice. Whether you prepare it hot or cold, you can be sure that the name Foojoy is your assurance of freshness, unmatched quality, and good value.

  • Oolong tea grown from the mountain of Wuyi in Fujian
  • Known for its golden amber hue, bold and lasting flavor, and inviting aroma
  • Can be served hot or cold, with or without sweeteners
  • Product of China, from the brand Foojoy
  • Comes with 100 tea bags with 7g of oolong each