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Honsei Instant Honey Ginger Tea - 20 Tea bags

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Honsei Instant Honey Ginger Tea

Feeling a bit under the weather? The Honsei honey ginger-flavored instant tea is a favorite home remedy for sore throat relief. It has a light ginger spice flavor that’s perfectly balanced by the sweet honey taste. Each pack is made from all-natural ingredients with no caffeine added making this a light and relaxing Asian beverage. You can serve this hot or cold depending on your mood or the season. For additional flavor, you can add lemon or orange slices and even mix in a cinnamon stick as garnish. 

  • A perfect balance of ginger spice and sweet honey flavors
  • Serves as traditional herbal tea that provides sore throat relief and warming properties
  • Made from all-natural spices and ingredients with no caffeine added
  • Can be served hot or cold
  • Contains 20 pack per box