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Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil - 11 fl. oz.

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Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil

With over 150 years of history, Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil should be one of your top choices when it comes to a healthier alternative flavoring . It is made from carefully selected sesame seeds and roasted to perfection in order to produce a high quality product with a rich aroma. Whether you’re cooking stir-fried Noodles, grilling meat, or using it as a marinade or salad dressing, this sesame oil is perfect for any of those. Its sweet aroma and subtle nutty flavor add to the overall taste of your meal

  • Pure sesame oil made from carefully selected sesame seeds
  • A healthier alternative to other flavoring 
  • Great for stir-fry meals, as marinade, or salad dressing
  • Product of Japan from the brand Kadoya
  • 1 bottle contains 11 fl.oz of pure sesame oil