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Wang Beef Bulgogi Microwavable Udon Noodle Bowl - Pack of 6

$ 25.49

When Korean and Japanese cuisine comes together, it’s always going to be an unforgettable culinary experience. Enjoy the rich flavors of Korean beef-bulgogi soup while slurping on thick and chewy Japanese udon noodles with this instant noodle bowl from Wang Korea! Simply put this on the microwave for 3 minutes, add some garnishes like carrot strips, leeks, and dried laver from a Korean supermarket, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality dish in front of you. Like all of Wang’s instant Asian food products, this beef bulgogi soup bowl contains no MSG, no preservatives, and 0g trans-fat. Stocking up won’t be a problem as this comes in a pack of 6.

  • Korean-Japanese beef bulgogi udon noodle bowl
  • Ready-to-eat after 3 minutes in the microwave
  • Contains no MSG, no preservatives, and 0g trans-fat
  • Comes in a pack of 6