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Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce 13 Oz

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Lee Kum Kee’s Black Bean Garlic Sauce is an ingredient paste made from a blend of fermented black beans and minced garlic that serves as the foundation of many Chinese dishes. It has no added preservatives and flavoring, just high-quality ingredients that give out a pungent, salty, sweet, and spicy mix of flavors. For the Asian cuisine recipe, add a tablespoon of this black bean garlic sauce onto your beef broccoli stir-fry or classic black bean chicken. It’s also suitable for vegetarian and vegan dishes like tofu salad, vegetable stir-fry, or even a vegan black bean burger!

  • Made from a blend of fermented black beans, minced garlic, and rice wine
  • Perfect as a cooking sauce
  • Product of Hong Kong
  • Contains 13oz. of black bean garlic sauce