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Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce (Chinese Barbecue Sauce)

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Enhance the flavor of any pork, beef, chicken, or seafood recipe with Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce. Made from fermented soybean paste, sugar, soy sauce, honey, and more spices, this classic Asian-style barbecue sauce is perfect for marinating, baking, or barbecuing. It has a natural reddish color, and it has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness with a hint of smoky taste. It even has a fragrant smell because of its natural ingredients. When used in cooking, the result is mouth-watering goodness. 

  • Classic Chinese Barbecue Sauce made from fermented soybean paste, soy sauce, and other ingredients
  • Natural MSG, no added flavor enhancer
  • Can be used in marinating, baking, or barbecuing
  • Product of China from the brand Lee Kum Kee
  • One jar contains 14oz (397g) of Char Siu Sauce