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Little Sheep Tomato Based Flavor Hot Pot Soup Base - 7.05 oz.

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Little Sheep Tomato Based Flavor Hot Pot Soup Base

Make your hotpot meals more flavorful with the Little Sheep Tomato Hotpot soup Base. It’s made from natural tomatoes that adds a nice sweet flavor to your meat and vegetables. To enjoy this tomato-based hotpot soup, all you have to do is pour its contents into the pot and add boiling water. You can also add real tomatoes to enhance the taste and give your broth some texture. Once it’s all mixed well, you can already add in your meat and vegetable of choice. Aside from being a hotpot soup base, you can even use this as a seasoning sauce for cooking stew! Now that’s a recipe worth trying.

  • Easy-to-prepare tomato-flavored hotpot soup base
  • Each pack makes 4-6 servings
  • Product of China from the brand Little Sheep
  • 1 pack contains 7.05oz of tomato-flavored hotpot soup