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Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar, 12 Fl Oz

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When you’re cooking Asian food, one of the most common ingredients used is rice vinegar. Don’t just settle for ordinary rice vinegar in the market when you can have Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar. Rice vinegar was developed in the 1600s. It was originally developed from a fermentation process based on sake to preserve rice without any refrigeration. Now, rice vinegar has become a staple in the kitchen, especially in making sushi, sauces, and putting together a bowl of salad. Made from non-GMO rice, this Marukan's Rice Vinegar undergoes a slow process of fermentation, refining, and aging to get that delicate acidity and rich flavor. It has no sodium or sugar added and is fat and calorie-free. It is even certified as a vegan product by the Natural Food Certifiers, so you can use this to make a vegan meal for yourself or your family.

  • Rice Vinegar made from non-GMO rice
  • Sodium, sugar, fat, and calorie-free 
  • Fermented, refined, and aged to perfection
  • Product of Japan from the brand Marukan
  • One bottle contains 12fl.oz of Marukan Rice Vinegar