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Miracle Noodle Dry Kanten Pasta 16 G -1 Pack

$ 6.99

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Kanten noodles are essentially seaweed noodles - they're made from a sea vegetable known as tengusa - which provide a high amount of fiber without the calories, gluten, soy or sugar.

We take extra care when producing our dry Kanten pasta at Miracle Noodle. Each batch is made with traditional Japanese methods, including an elaborate noodle drying process, and takes about three to four weeks for just one batch. These noodles deliver the same enjoyable experience without the typically high sugar and carbs in dry pasta. Save on these healthy noodles today when you subscribe and save at Miracle Noodle!
  • Calorie-free, zero net carbs, gluten-free, soy-free
  • Rich in fiber and safe for vegans and diabetics
  • No boiling necessary; Instantly ready with just hot water
  • Contains 6 grams of fiber per serving