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Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce 8 fl oz.

$ 13.47

Looking for a delicious, healthy way to add flavor to your food? Look no further than Momo Dressing! This premium ponzu sauce is made with all-natural ingredients and is perfect for adding a touch of Japanese flavor to your dishes. Whether you're looking for a new way to dress up your salad or want to add some extra flavor to your sushi rolls, Momo Dressing is a perfect choice!

Buy Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce online only at Karman Foods!

  • Uses fresh ingredients from farms that grow eco-certified produce
  • Blends all-natural local ingredients with traditional Japanese bases, namely soy, rice vinegar, yuzu, dry bonito flakes, and kombu seaweed 
  • Produced in small batches to ensure quality
  • Handcrafted in Brooklyn
  • Contains 8 fl oz. of ponzu dressing per bottle


  • Where to buy Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce?

Karman Foods has ​​Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce for sale, along with other gluten-free seasoning sauces. If you prefer having your organic Asian groceries delivered, Karman Foods is the best store to buy Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce. Here, you can enjoy free returns and free no-contact delivery on orders over $69.99.

  • How to buy Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce online?

When buying seasonings, marinades, and other Japanese groceries from Karman Foods, select the quantity of your order and click Add to Cart. You may add a delivery note to your order before clicking Checkout. Fill in your delivery and payment details. Then, sit back and wait for your deliveries to arrive at your doorstep!

  • Where can I find the cheapest Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce?
You can purchase Momo Dressing Yuzu Ponzu Sauce in multiple bottles along with other Japanese pantry essentials like soy sauce, rice vinegar, and more at Karman Foods, so you can stock up, save money, and enjoy free shipping.