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NEW! Samyang Korea Gomtang Ramen Ramyeon Noodle Soup (Pack of 5)

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From the makers of the famous Samyang Spicy Noodles comes a rich Gom Tang Noodle Soup! Instead of slowly simmering beef, Samyang lets you enjoy the rich and hearty taste of Korean beef bone soup in a matter of minutes. Compared to most Samyang noodles, this has a creamy broth and mild pepper flavors that hits the spot. Best enjoyed during the cold season, you can add real beef strips, soft boiled egg, and scallions to elevate the dish.

  • Instant Korean beef bone soup made with wheat flour, beef extract powder, pepper powder, cream taste powder, and other quality ingredients
  • Takes 4 minutes to cook
  • Product of Korea from the brand Samyang
  • Comes in a pack of 5 containing 19.40oz. of beef bone noodles each