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Nongshim Neoguri Noodles, Spicy Seafood, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 16)

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Sip on the delicious soup and chunky Noodles of Korea's best-selling Nongshim Neoguri Udon Spicy Seafood Noodles. Since 1982, these Noodles have been winning the hearts of locals due to its distinct spicy seafood flavor and thick Udon-style Noodles. Even after 30 years, Nongshim continues to use real seafood ingredients, particularly fresh kelp collected from the waters of Wando, South Jeolla, to achieve a superior taste and texture over other noodles broths. After years of delighting locals with their signature spicy seafood broth, it's your turn to have a taste of these famous udon Noodles!

  • Signature Udon-Style Spicy Seafood Noodles made with real seafood ingredients
  • Ready in 4-5 minutes
  • Product of USA, from the brand Nongshim
  • Comes in a pack of 16, 4.2oz. of udon-style Noodles each