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NONGSHIM Shin Black Spicy Ramen in a Cup - Pack of 6 - 3.5 oz.

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NONGSHIM Shin Black Spicy Ramen Cup

Consumers’ love for Shin Ramyun has propelled Nongshim to its position as the undisputed top ramyun noodle brand in Korea. Now Shin Ramyun and its descendant Shin Ramyun Black are prepared to expand as internationally-recognized Korean food products. The key to the success of this spicy instant ramen cup is rooted in the past. Since the oldest times, the soul of Korean cuisine was always found in its richly flavored Asian soup stocks, many of which were made from nutritious vegetables and simmered beef-bone extracts.

  • No MSG Healthy Korean noodles Made in the USA
  • Make sure you try it when feeling bad for taste. It will return to beautiful taste back
  • Talk about unique! More well-being Shin Ramyun