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Ottogi Jin Spicy Ramen - Pack of 4

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Ottogi Jin Spicy Ramen

Rain pattering softly on the roof, cold winds blowing, and you’re stuck at home. That situation calls for a bowl of Ottogi Jin Spicy Ramen! It has a spicy flavor that's sure to awaken your taste buds. These instant ramen noodles come with a pack of dried vegetables to give you a more wholesome meal. It also comes with a pack of powdered flavor where the spiciness and richness comes from. Its Noodles are just the right size, not too thick, and not too thin. If you want a heavier meal, you can customize and add in eggs and even real meat! Once you’re done preparing, you can enjoy a hearty meal that not only can fill your stomachs, but also lift your spirits up.

  • Instant ramen Noodles with smooth and chewy Noodles
  • Easy-to-prepare Korean style ramen
  • Contains Iron, Calcium, and Potassium
  • Product of Korea, from the Brand Ottogi
  • 1 bag contains 4 packs of 120g of Ottogi Instant Ramen