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Paldo Seafood noodles Soup Ramen 5 Pack

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Wondering what authentic Korean seafood tastes like? Have your fill right at home with the Paldo Seafood noodles Soup Ramen! It comes with a balanced mix of classic stringy ramyun Noodles, a hot and sour Korean-style seafood broth, and a seasoning packet with dried vegetables, seaweed, and cuttlefish flakes. Just add water and cook for 3 minutes to enjoy a simple yet satisfying comfort food. If you want to up your instant noodles game, add fishcakes, mushrooms, or more chili for extra heat!

  • Spicy seafood instant ramyun Noodles 
  • Comes with a seasoning packet containing cuttlefish, seaweed, and various vegetable flakes
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Product of Korea, from the brand Paldo
  • Comes in a pack of 5 containing 4.23oz. of spicy seafood Noodles