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Premium Red Chili Paste, Gochujang with 100% Korean Ingredients

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Chung Jung One Premium Gochujang Red Chili Paste

The Chung Jung One Premium Red Chili Paste is made from 100% South Korean top-quality ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. Compared to regular gochujang, this premium option has more red chili flakes and rice. While the ingredients list notes corn syrup as one of its components, the original Korean ingredient list states that it’s jo-chung, which is a syrup made with pure and unprocessed rice. With all of its ingredients produced and manufactured in Korea, you can expect higher quality standards and ultimately authentic flavor with every tub of gochujang. Chung Jung One boasts of having their chili peppers produced in Sunchang, South Korea, an artisan town specializing in traditional Korean seasonings and pastes. Compared to regular gochujang, there is a distinct heat and premium taste when you add this to meats, vegetables, and even as a dipping sauce. Pair this premium red pepper paste with dishes from every cuisine for an elevated dining experience.

  • Superior in taste and quality
  • Made with top-quality ingredients under optimal conditions in Sunchang, South Korea
  • All ingredients produced in Korea
  • No corn syrup, fillers, or preservatives
  • Great for all spicy Korean dishes and dipping sauces