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Prince of Peace 100% Natural Ginger Candy 1LB Family Size BEST Value

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Looking for food for stomach ache relief? You can count on Prince of Peace Original Ginger Honey Crystals to bring comfort to your tummy. Each candy offers a blend of sweet and gentle spice that's made even enjoyable with its chewy texture. Made with 100% real ginger, it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help ease nausea, indigestion, and sore throat. This family-sized pack comes with 100 individually wrapped chews you can always have some at home, at work, and on-the-go.

  • Chewy candy made with 100% natural ginger
  • Contains antioxidants to ease nausea and indigestion
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or colors
  • Product of USA, from the brand Prince of Peace
  • Comes in an economy-sized value pack containing 100 pieces of ginger candy