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Prince Of Peace Organic Oolong Tea - 100 Bags

$ 7.29

Prince Of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a semi-fermented tea produced from the Wuyi District of Fujiyan, China. Due to the difference in the oxidation process, it has a richer taste compared to green teas but contains the same antioxidant properties. Prince of Peace’s 100% Oolong Tea has a woody aroma and full-bodied flavor that will rejuvenate your senses with every cup. Make it a daily habit to brew a warm pot of oolong tea and consider it as an alternative to coffee as one tea bag contains 20-30mg of caffeine in it. Like most of Prince of Peace’s organic teas, their oolong tea is certified by ECOCERT ICO, USA for being organically grown and produced. Enjoy high-quality tea at an affordable price!

  • Made from 100% ECOCERT ICO, USA-certified organic oolong tea leaves
  • A full-bodied coffee substitute containing 20-30mg caffeine per brew
  • Packed with antioxidant properties and natural health benefits
  • Contains 100 tea bags per box