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Red Boat Fish Sauce's Primary Ingredient - Case of 12 - 17 oz.

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Red Boat Fish Sauce's Primary Ingredient

Simplicity goes a long way, especially with Red Boat. Founded to honor their Vietnamese heritage, Red Boat Fish Sauce is made using a traditional fermentation process and only uses two ingredients: carefully selected fresh, wild-caught black anchovies from Phu Quoc Island's crystal-clear waters and sea salt. These anchovies are fermented for more than a year in wood barrels to achieve a surprisingly fruity sweetness amidst the saltiness of its main ingredients. Red Boat then bottles only pure first-press, extra virgin fish sauce, explaining its amber color. In terms of the sauce's intensity, the label 40°N refers to the amount of nitrogen per liter, making their 40°N variant more potent and concentrated in flavor. There are no preservatives and MSG, making them worthy of the title "Purest on Earth".  

  • Extra virgin fish sauce made from barrel-fermented black anchovies and sea salt
  • Contains 40°N (nitrogen per liter)
  • Uses traditional Vietnamese fermentation method
  • Gluten-free with no added preservatives and MSG
  • Dubbed as the Purest on Earth