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Samyang Buldak Carbo 1 Case (8 family packs) 197.6oz

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An instant fusion of carbonara and Korean ramen? Samyang makes it possible with their limited edition Samyang Fire Hot Carbo Chicken Ramen Noodles! Their “carbo” sauce packet consists of a creamy rich mix of milk, cheese, and butter powders, along with seasonings that usually make up your traditional carbonara sauce. It’s a surprisingly great complement to the fiery hotness of your favorite Samyang Hot Ramen recipe, so you can delight on a full serving without breaking too much of a sweat! Plus, it comes with an endearing pink packaging that deserves a spot in your own pantry! 5 minutes is all you need to boil the Noodles and an added 30 seconds to stir-fry.
  • Contains a carbo cheese and milk powder packet and a spicy sauce
  • Instant stir-fried Korean noodles that take 5 minutes to boil and 30 seconds to stir-fry
  • Official Product of Samyang
  • Certified Halal Chicken Noodles
  • Comes in a pack of 40 individual containing 140g of Spicy Carbo Chicken Ramen Noodles each