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Samyang Extremely Spicy Chicken Nuclear Buldak Sauce - 200g

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Samyang Extremely Spicy Chicken Nuclear Buldak Sauce

Samyang has bottled its famous nuclear sauce, so you can take the spicy noodles challenge to new dimensions. Incorporate the fiery hot chicken flavors of the Samyang Extremely Spicy Chicken Nuclear Sauce to your favorite home-cooked dishes, like Chinese fried rice, burgers, Noodles, leafy salads, or as a spicy dipping sauce for your meats or sashimi. Take it from us-- a 200g bottle can last you a long time because only a few drops of this Korean hot sauce can have you feeling the heat in a snap. 

  • Comes in a convenient and easy-to-store bottle packaging
  • Bottled version of the Nuclear Spicy Sauce sachets from the Bulldark Nuclear Version Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles
  • Official Product of Samyang
  • Contains 200g of Extremely Spicy Nuclear Buldak Sauce