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Sunchang Gochujang 500g (2 Pack)

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When planning a Korean dish for dinner, Sunchang Gochujang should always be on the list. Gochujang or red chili paste is one of the most common ingredients in Korean cuisine. It’s used on bibimbap, spicy rice cake (dduk bo gi), or as a dipping sauce for a lettuce wrap. For authentic Korean cooking, other hot sauces cannot replace the unique taste and texture of gochujang. The Sunchang brand has a reputable image in Korea for producing high-quality products, and this Gochujang is one of them. Whether you’re planning some stew, barbeque, or bibimbap, make Sunchang Gochujang your go-to seasoning ingredient!

  • Gochujang red pepper paste made from sun-dried red chili peppers and rice produced in Sunchang, Korea
  • Rich in flavor and color
  • Perfect for making Korean dishes like teokbokki, bibimbap, jiggae stews, and more
  • Product of Korea from the brand Sunchang
  • Contains 2 packs of 500g of gochujang