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Tae-kyung Korean Red Chili Pepper Flakes Powder Gochugaru

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Tae-kyung Red Chili Pepper Powder

Red chili pepper flakes, or Gochugaru in Korean, is one of the key ingredients in Korean cuisine. These chili flakes are packed with fruity, sweet, and smoky flavors that are perfect for spicing up any dish. Whenever you’re craving for some fiery heat in your taste buds, simply sprinkle some Tae-kyung Red Chili Pepper Gochugaru to Korean favorites like bulgogi, kimchi jigae, kimchi, and more! Sourced straight from Korean farms and produced by a highly reputable company, expect premium-quality gochugaru with every pack. Choose from a 1lb or 5lb pack depending on how big of a batch of Korean food you’re preparing or how much you’re stocking up. Whatever choice it is, it’s always best to have gochugaru in your kitchen at all times.

  • Packed with fruity, sweet, and smoky flavors
  • Contains  sun-dried peppers, sourced and produced in clean and safe environments
  • Affordable option manufactured by a highly reputable company
  • Comes in a 1lb or 5lb pack