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Chung Jung One Taeyangcho Red Chili Paste tube Travel Pack

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Chung Jung One Taeyangcho 3-pack Gochujang Tube

Your favorite tube-type Gochujang now comes in threes! Chung Jung One Taeyangcho 3-pack Gochujang Tube is a great gift idea for spicy food lovers. One tube contains 60g of hard-hitting spicy red pepper paste that will give any type of dish a kick of heat. This product from Sunchang is made from sun-dried peppers, or taeyangcho, which makes the paste brighter in color and spicier in flavor. Don’t be fooled by its compact size because a dollop of gochujang goes a long way. Slip this in your bag and carry this red chili paste wherever you go so you can conveniently add gochujang in your daily meals.

  • 3 easy-to-carry tubes in 1 package
  • Made from sun-dried tomatoes under optimal conditions in Sunchang, South Korea
  • One tube contains 60g of gochujang