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Thai Iced Tea Traditional Restaurant Style,16 oz (1LB.)

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Thai Iced Tea is not your regular iced tea. Taste the difference with the sweet and refreshing Panthai Norasingh Thai Tea Mix. Unlike your usual fruity teas, this famous orange-colored beverage is made from 100% green tea which gives it hints of earthy and nutty flavors. Make it special and enjoy it like the locals do by brewing the tea in a tea bag and stirring in some sweet condensed milk while it's piping hot. Serve it with plenty of ice and top it with even more condensed milk for added richness. You can even make restaurant-quality Thai Boba Milk Tea at home by adding boba pearls as a sinker!

  • Made from 100% green tea (camellia sinensis)
  • Great for making Thai boba
  • Served hot or iced, with or without milk
  • Product of Thailand, from the brand Panthai Norasingh
  • Contains 16oz. of Thai tea powder