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Wang Korea Kitsune Udon - Pack of 6

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Wang Korea Kitsune Udon

Find instant comfort in the form of a hearty and easy-to-prepare udon bowl with Wang Korea’s Kitsune Udon! Kitsune Udon is a popular Japanese noodles soup made with rich dashi broth, seasoned fried bean curd or tofu, fish cakes, and scallions. Wang Korea brings all these ingredients together in one instant bowl so you can easily and conveniently enjoy thick and chewy udon Noodles with a sweet broth with hints of seafood flavors in just 3 minutes! 

  • Instant Kitsune Udon bowl made with thick wheat udon Noodles, dashi broth, fried bean curd, green onion flakes, and laver
  • Ready-to-eat in 3 minutes
  • Product of Wang Korea
  • Comes in a pack of 6 containing 7.6oz of instant udon each